A whole new Look and Feel for AmdZ.com

AmdZ.com has a whole new look and feel since March 27, 2009.

AmdZ.com has a whole new look and feel since March 27, 2009. During the holidays of Nowrooz(Which is 13 days), I got some free time to work on my personal website, AmdZ.com. My website was originally launched on 2003 when it was only a basic html file on a free server and during the years I changed and build it from scratch for several times.(I think four times). The previous version of the website was a two column design which I built it by hand coding on 2005, one column for English news and one columen for Farsi news. Although that design was not compatible with all browsers but it lasted for about 3 years.

The new version of the website is the first one that uses an internal content management system. It uses AmdZ CMS2 V0.2 that is the second CMS I've ever created with PHP programming language. The CMS was originally written in 2005 but extended and improved during the years as per the requirements, currently there are several AmdZ CMS  powered website on the net. The CMS works really perfect but because of the procedual and function based approach in its codes instead of object oriented approach, any further development and expandations is deprecated because of the ease of new technologies and programming tools that are available.

The next CMS I'm going to program will be written in Java programming language, no more PHP!

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